Mommies: Juggling around "work/life" balance

More and more moms are in the workplace. If you’ll notice, working moms trend so much. Maybe because women of this generation are career-oriented and/or we can just simply say “It’s a must.”
Being a full-time working mom is stressful. I personally feel guilt arises whenever my time isn’t divided harmoniously between my work and my family. When the needs arises and you are forced to go on RDOT (rest day OT)? Argh! But, really…
How are those moms able to dance perfectly in the rhythm of work and personal life?
As I’ve read different articles about self-help tips on becoming a successful mom on-the-go, I realized that every situation is unique, that every circumstance is different. So we must, individually, seek for plans that could fit in our lifestyle, work environment and the needs of our family.
These are tips from personal reflections. Being a working mom for 2 years now, I’ve learned a lot from the past mistakes and arguments.
1. Acceptance of the role
Job Description: Mom
We must open-minded accept our roles, both in the workplace and at home.
I’ve read an article saying that ‘your husband marries you, not your maid, not anyone else. Do your duties’
Reality check: We are created for man, to help them. So household chores are part of our daily tasks (whether you like it or not). My husband is a stay-at-home dad because we can’t find someone that we can entrust our child with. Although I am expecting him to at least help me in my daily tasks, I still do it with initiative – because I am ‘the wife’.
Same thing in the workplace, you cannot say to your boss that you’re tired because you do the laundry and you can’t be productive today.
Balancing work/life is tough but we can all be successful if we set the right timing, and if we don’t push ourselves to the limit.
Do things one at a time and achieve more!
2. Don’t stress yourself
The key is to not expect more than work can actually provide. While it’s important to enjoy work, you can’t expect it to fulfill every aspect (passion, social, entertainment, etc.) ~Melissa Mizer Wilhel
It’s really stressful and tiring taking care of your family and at the same time meeting your company’s goals.
I sometimes cried out of disappointment and maybe physical and mental tiredness.
But, why stress myself? My husband is very understanding. He doesn’t blame me for our messy house; he even helps me out with the dishes and of taking care of our child.
My job doesn’t require me to spend more than 9 hours a day, it doesn’t get all the energy I have. I am blessed to be in a bank (BPO-type), I am working with ease. Though it’s still stressful, at least I get to enjoy the benefits of being in an office and the kind of job that cannot be taken at home so I can focus on my family after work 🙂
Sometimes we are pressured with the things that we ‘should’ be doing that we are bombarded of the responsibilities.
Breathe. Relax.
3. Don’t be a perfectionist
Life is not perfect, why make it perfect? Simply, do not push yourself into something high-maintenance if it can be just low-maintenance. We need help, whether you admit it or not.
If someone takes an initiative of doing one of your tasks, do not expect that they can do better than you or that they’ll do the same way you’re doing it.
My husband once takes an initiative of folding our clothes but he didn’t fold them as neatly as I do. But I appreciate that. I didn’t re-do it. I just accept the fact that nothing will be perfect!
Set your standards but do not expect much!
4. Stay focused. Let little things go.
It’s that we’re wired to want more in life, and there is so much more to experience than the act of achieving.
There’s the feeling of loving and being loved; the excitement of trying new things and allowing yourself to fall, get up, and grow; there’s the sensation of being spontaneous and allowing the present moment to deliver you into situations you may never have known to choose.
if you’re constantly thinking about what you need to do later, you will never get to appreciate what you get to do now. Give yourself permission to focus. – Lori Deschene
Focusing on what matters most ‘now’ and acting on the goals that have high importance will set your life to an easier flow. You can pace yourself, do more and enjoy life!
Setting your priorities may be confusing. It’s like scaling all your life’s values and attending to them one by one.
Mom, you are just a human! Do not live achieving to clear your entire ‘to-do list’. Live passionately, live healthy!
Above all…
5. Seek God first.
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.
There’s no safer place than to be with God, no greater strength than trusting Christ and all things are possible if you surrender to Him.
Remember that God won’t give you anything you can’t handle.
Tired? Run to Him and He’ll bring you comfort.
God can really use a woman who surrenders all her inadequacies and circumstances to Him.
How about you, mom? What are your strategies in achieving a balanced work and personal life?
Share your thoughts and let us grow together!
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