Why I migrated from Blogger to Wix to finally WordPress


I’ve been indecisive with my blogs. From my niche to what web host to use, to buying a domain or not (yet). The purpose of my blogs were still unclear so my posts are literally “anything under the sun”.

The WHY & WHEN of my blogging life

When: Back in college, I started a blog using WordPress. It’s a typical online diary where I share what I’ve learned from Sunday Services, Bible Studies and personal reflections. It lasted for two years. Yeah, my entire college life. But I lost it. I decided to delete the blog because I can no longer give time for it. I thought that’s the end of my blogging story.

Back in 2012, I started just another blog through blogspot.com now known as Blogger.


It’s as well a venture of my spiritual growth. It lasted for 3 years. Though I am not consistently blogging, I was able to manage it for 3 years and gained a number of followers from Google+.

It boomed in 2015, during my second pregnancy. I’ve attended a few blog events, joined contests and raffles. I enjoyed being a blogger and I’ve seen things that it could give me.

I have thought of advertising, y’know, making money through blogs. But since my contents aren’t meaty, inconsistent and scattered, I’ve realized my foundation is still weak.

So I rested. I stopped making drafts. I won’t visit my blogs. I’ve thought of quitting. But, I don’t know. Maybe, blogging has given me such a sweet escape. In bloglandia I can be a super mom, I can compile my works that I think are beautiful. I can express.
I matter.

Why: While I am resting, I tried to refocus. I asked myself, Why am I blogging?

I am using my blogs as vessel of my personal thoughts and experiences. But since I didn’t decide for a particular niche, whoosh! My posts went scattered and emotion-centered.

So, I’ve noted topics that interest me. And I’ve decided on 3 particular topics:
Parenting, Marriage & Life Experiences including faith and musings.

I know that I still need to learn a lot. But I really, really want to blog. So I tried again.

I tried creating website through Weebly and Wix and I loved the personalization that I can make. I have already decided to publish mommygrace.wix.com on April 29, 2016 as it’ll mark the second year that we’ve known we’ll be parents.


But since I am into mobile blogging because we don’t have internet connection at home, I didn’t continue with my Wix website because it does not support mobile blogging. See you in the future, wix baby. 😉



Aha! Chance lead me back to WordPress again. Though I am still having a hard time with its technicalities, I will focus in making my blog simple, natural and super me.

Why I chose WordPress?

It’ s the most popular blogsite. It’s easy to use and understand. It has a lot of predesigned templates for me to personalize. And it’s hassle-free! I can achieve the simplicity of a blog that I wanted, no more no less. Very user friendly and I get to interact with people ’round the world!


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