She had no time for her books
no longer worrying about her looks
She’s always away, looking for all ways
to improve their life.
Her son needs his daddy,
not his mommy.
It is okay that she’s out of sight,
because daddy will surely shed a light.

He had no time for his games,
his boy chasing after him.
He losses his identity
when he stayed at home.
His pride is being torn out,
his confidence long gone.

Romance no longer plays with them,
intimacy leaves their home.
She cries in the darkness,
he’s looking for wellness.

No, they didn’t plan this.
This ain’t the way they dream the it would it be.

But they will not question,
they will not think of “what ifs”.
They’ll fight depression.

Holding hands, heads up high.
Those tiny seeds of faith
are their foundation,
reasons are their building blocks
and they will fight
for a life of purpose
TOGETHER (still).


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