Us-Time (Batman vs Superman Experience)


When the cat is away, the mouse is playing.

Yeah 🙂

Me and hubby seldom watch movies at a cinema house. So whenever we get a chance to do so, it would always be special. We would choose a movie that we’ll both love, and that’s not something romantic. Haha! It would either be action, horror or sci-fi.

The kids spent the weekends at my parents’ house.

It’s US-time!

We didn’t plan to watch a movie because it’s something out of budget. We went to Market!Market! to just inquire about home broadband plans.
Internet services in the Philippines really suck! Sorry, but that’s how we felt about most of the plans we have available. (I’ll just create another post about it. The topic’s not appropriate, I’m feeling happy today. Hahaha)

While we are window shopping, we bumped into an old friend. We had a small talk about life, faith and marriage.
Then the conversation visited the past, when we were both not married yet.

(This friend does not want to be named for personal reasons and we respected that).

Making the story shorter, they asked us if we want to watch Batman vs Superman , and of course we both nodded, happily like kids given lollipops 🙂

The only sad part was, they can’t accompany us for some reason. They just bought our tickets and said goodbye.

The time in our ticket showed 6:30 PM. We still have an hour.
We were both excited because we both love Superman. And. Batman!

While waiting, we watched trailers of upcoming movies. We were thrilled by the line up of movies. We laugh and plan to watch movie again in the future, maybe with the kids, maybe without them. Depends.

The time that we watched movie can be counted using our two hands, no just one. Haha!
– The Pacific Rim
–  Wolverine
–  Captain America : Winter Soldier
–  Batman vs Superman

We’re not sure if we’ve watched The Avengers, too.

We bought for ourselves a bucket of popcorn flavored sour cream, (our favorite!) and soda.



The movie starts…


(Honestly, I felt sleepy during the first part, you know… all the talkings. Sorry. Haha)

We loved the plot, and we loved Wonderwoman! When I asked him which side he’ll choose, Batman or Superman, he laughed and said “Wonderwoman”, and I laugh out loud, “me, too!”


Moments like this are irreplaceable. I love spending time with him, worrying about nothing, finding happiness in life amidst all the trials and… staying married.

Truly, life’s sweetest gifts are FREE…


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