In the Dark

In the dark I lost my coin,

I tried to find it but can’t

I run, escaping from nothingness
pretending to be just okay.

The dawn’s about to end
and I don’t want light to see me
crying and in pain.

Where can I find you, my coin?
why are you hiding?
Are you trying to punish me
for not taking good care of you?

I am tired and afraid,
a silhoutte seems to be following me
I continued…

In the dark
you are crying and ranting
you are angry and hurt
I pretend not to see you.
I walk past you
because I don’t want to get involved.

I drink from my tumbler,
I tasted sour juice.
I closed my eyes
and when I opened them,
I heard people laughing, staring at me.

“You wanna take advantage of my weakness?” I said

“You wanna take me with you?”


But he won’t.

Cars stopped, giving way for a poor girl
walking without her coin.
But no one dares to help her
or lend her a hand.

They just looked.
They just waited if something will happen.

But her faith shines.
She said, “If You want me to walk, walk with me”
And He did.

That’s why she’s smiling
amidst the pain on her feet.
She trusted that lil light.

The coin that she had lost
will always be her knight
that will help  her the most.

In the dark I’ve seen danger
but I walk past it
like an avenger.

You are faithful
for you keep me safe
You are very loving
You tell me not to lost the coin
but you still helped me
cross the darkness.



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