It’s Nanay’s Birthday!

No big plans for today. We’ll just have dinner tomorrow together. But of course, it would be lovely to remember that exactly 49 years ago, a baby girl was born and has been strengthened by life.

Her birthday has been so much special especially two years ago. It was a rock n roll celebration when we finally announced that I am pregnant for the first time.

I’ll be very honest that me and my mom’s relationship always has gaps & bridges.

I’ll be very honest that we didn’t appreciate each other much…

Until I became a mom, too.

There are many things that differentiate us, our opinions contradict.

We argue a lot. Yes. But at the end of the day, we are still mom and daughter. None can erase that. Just as none can separate us from the love of God, motherly love can never vanish.

Being a mom is tough and having a daughter like me is tougher. Haha!

Thanks for extending your love to my family and for always being there when road becomes rocky.

You’re a one of a kind, Nanay!

May God bless you with more blessings that He may be glorified!



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