Sunday Highlights #2

It’s Sunday again! 🙂

 (It’s already Monday, I wasn’t able to post this yesterday due to bad internet connection. Hello, Globe! What’s up?!)

This blog series will be a weekly reminder for me to stay grateful amidst all these trials.

Be content with what you have and take joy in the way things are. When you realize you have all you need, the world belongs to you.

– A Million Pieces

Here’s the list for this week:

1. My first ever habal-habal.
I am running late and I can’t afford it. I’ve got no (easy) choice, so I tried habal-habal.

*Habal-habal is a means of transportation by land using (colorum) motorcyles

It’s fast and dangerous.

Could you imagine how the driver went all the way from c5 waterfun to BGC for 15 minutes which is usually a 30-40 minutes drive? (*whew*)
I just closed my eyes and asked God to protect me.

What I’ve been grateful on this was when the driver admitted that he adjusted the speed because I am an obvious first-timer!

2. Reunited with my high school bff that’s soon to be mommy,too!

3. That I’m still using my Cubix Cube phone after a hundred times thinking to replace it.


What’s funny about it was when a number of my friends asked where I bought mynew phone, and complimented it to be a pretty-cheap-must-to-have-phone! (Well, sorry the model that I am using’s no longer available. You could buy Cubix phones exclusively at Lazada.)

4. On April 29, we celebrated our Nanay’s birthday!

5. What you sow is what you reap.
Self-explanatory, but I’m talking about work and financial matters. 🙂

6. Me & Hubby praying together (again) before sleeping.

7. No OT on labor’s day means more time with my fambam!


8. I didn’t do the laundry, thanks to my hubby! 🙂

9. Started a story in Wattpad, hoping (cross-fingers…) to publish it before end of May.

10. 20+ likes, reached 10+ posts and best day for likes on WordPress within 2 weeks! Yehey! Thank you, people!

‘Til next Sunday! Live life in its simplest form. God bless us all!


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