Sunday Highlights #4

I was not able to post anything on weekdays. I am busy redesigning my blog with any “free” resources I could grab. But of course, today’s Sunday and I don’t wanna miss one post for all the things that I am grateful for. 🙂

1.   It’s Sunday Highlights no. 4! It means is celebrating its 1st monthsary! Yey!

Thank you for all the views, visits and follows. Oh, by the way, since I keep on coming back to blogger, I have imported my old blogs so they’re in one place.

Expect more from this blog, I am really taking this seriously and I have plans of improving my blogging knowledge. For now, I’ll be busy reading a lot of articles and free courses to make my online home worthy and beautiful!

2. Yobbie’s half way to his first year! Thankful for this healthy, jolly, cutie baby of ours. His first mushing was amazing! It’s obvious that he loves to eat, indeed! Happy eating baby!


3. My eldest baby boy felt sickly but is now active and jolly again! Truly, God is our healer!

4. I’ve signed up for a photography club at work, it thrills me to learn the basic photography, again with any resources I have available – my phone! 🙂

But I am planning to borrow my Tatay’s point and shoot camera. The seminar’s on June, so don’t expect lovely and sharper pictures until I’ve attended it. Hehe

5.   I’m half way in finishing my story in Wattpad,haha! Oh, do not expect too much from it ha? It’s a typical wattpad story of a typical wattpad writer. It’s a love story though. *soon*

6. In my weakness, God proves that He is faithful : “He has not left me nor forsaken me…”

7. Lovely apps : Since I am phone-blogging, I really need those genius apps to have me covered, especially when it comes to photo editing and/or photo journaling. Recently I have discovered an app for digital scrapbooking and I am loving it!

* Snapbook is a photo journaling app that lets you create a colorful and creative photos. Their kits are wonderful! Aside from their free kits, there are special kits that you can purchase in affordable prices, isn’t it cool?
* I am also using Photo Grid, Pixlr and Snapseed for my photos

* Writer+ for my drafts
And the WordPress app for blogging 🙂

8.   Started the “go Green” goal. As a mom, staying healthy should also be a priority. I won’t say that I’ll be (super) consistent with this, but I am starting to teach the kids (and daddy) to eat veggies and fruits more often.


Thank you and stay blessed!



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