Lance loves his baby brother

I know I haven’t shared a lot about my kids (yet), but I will *soon*

Back when Lance was just a year old, we were happy playing together, laughing out loud and sleeping altogether, he loves pillowing his daddy’s chest and he loves holding my hands while he sleeps. All our time was given all to him. He was the 1st apo, so all attention’s on him. He was everyone’s ray of sunshine!

Until, Yobbie came. We tried to ready him as soon as baby comes in. I was actually sad for him. I wanted to give him more time, more attention and we wanted to baby him pa! But since he’ll soon be a kuya to Yobbie at an early age (my heart breaks at this thought until now… Our poor little Lance…), we tried to help him adjust in the situation.

When Yobbie was born, he wouldn’t come to me. He’ll look at me as if saying “Mommy, you have a new baby, you don’t love me anymore?”

He doesn’t want to touch his baby brother. He’ll come to his grandparents for rescue!


But sooner, he was able to adjust. And after the adjusting period, he doesn’t want to be away from Yobbie! He can’t sleep without his baby brother and the first thing he’ll check on as he wakes up is Yobbie.

Whenever Yobbie’s crying, he will come to me asking me to take care of the crying baby. I really thought that he’s doing that because he’s annoyed of his baby brother’s wailing. I was wrong.

Just recently, as I was preparing our lunch, Yobbie cried and I saw Lance ran after him. He gave Yobbie his milk and even hymns a song for him! A genuine brotherly love, indeed!


Even though there are still times that Lance tends to hurt Yobbie (because he’s so nakakagigil!), he knows how to apologize, to play with his brother, share time with him, and he even lets Yobbie play with some of his (soft) toys.


I know that it was an early transition for you, Lance. But you will always be our bebe and you are forever loved! Remember, you’re our first bundle of joy, first love and first fruit?

Thank you for loving your baby brother!



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