Why I deleted my blog at Blogger

Blogger is very close to my heart. It has been  my friend as I started my blogging venture. From Grace&Faith to Mommy Grace and a blog I called Letter2ra which was supposed to be a collab project with my sister that was never published.

I recently migrated to WordPress because I wanted to improve my “writing” and technical skills. I am the type of person that keeps on trying and risking for something I really love.

And even though I am contented and happy with my blog’s appearance now, I still keep coming back to my Blogger account. Why? I guess I missed my old posts, missed the simplicity of it and the not-so-complicated-blogging it offered me. So I decided to import my posts from Blogger to WordPress. They may be boring and senseless, but I wanted to go back to how I started, laugh at my silliness and wrong grammar and remember why I even blog. I have decided to finally delete my blog so there will be no going back and for me to move on (haha!). And also for peace of mind. Whenever I go back to see my BlogSpot account, I am re-thinking : WordPress or Blogger? And I choose to stay here 🙂

You know, I still envy those bloggers who are in that platform and are building and growing their readership there. For 9 months, I have reached 2k + views, 5 followers and a number of Google+ recommendations.

I am sad that I am leaving Blogger already but on the other side I am excited to what WordPress could give and teach me in this blogging venture. Although I’ll no longer be a nuffnang blogger, I still look forward for great things that can happen if I focus in improving and beautifying my blog and contents here.

I will commit myself in sharing only honest and transparent stories as our lil family grows and wanders, and so is this blog 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!


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