Over my daily cup of coffee

Mommies wear different hats everyday, and they are trying to be the best they can be under each hat. But sadly, there is one hat that’s always left behind, unseen and always at the end of her list.

As we try to become the better mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and/or employee, we forget the women we are, or shall I say, the women we used to be.

I personally am jealous to those moms who juggle between mommyhood, marriage and work (and staying beautiful, haha!) perfectly. How are they able to do that?

Well as for me, I just need a few minutes to be “me”. I wanna make sure that on a daily basis, I get to have time alone, praying, reading and appreciating the sweetness of this imperfect life.


Everyday, I’ll set my coffee time as my fueling time.

1.   Over a cup of coffee, I will pray. I will ask for guidance and strength, I will thank Him for all the blessings.
This is the time to simply connect to my Master.
2. I’ll read a book. It can be a devotional, the Bible or anything that’s not digital.
3. I’ll listen to music. Thanks to Spotify for making listening to music super easy. 🙂
4. This is the time that I get to write on my journal/planner. Make some plans, doodle and jotting down my thoughts.
5. I will look in the mirror, appreciate me being me, appreciate those fats I’ve got after giving birth to my awesome boys, those messy eyebrows and my “at-home-hair” look and still tell myself, “I AM LOVED AND I AM PRECIOUS.”

Once I can feel my heart has been refueled with the goodness of life, then I can say “let’s start the day!”

I don’t have much time to sit back and enjoy the aroma of my coffee because my eldest child will soon be awake.  And I’ll need to get into that mommy hat again – this is my favorite! You know, before breakfast, I’ll have time for my precious ones, before work consumed almost half of my entire day.

Work consume most of my time, yes. But I am still a proud working mommy. Because in that way, I can tell my kids I love them. I know in that way I can be a channel of God’s blessing for my family.

It’s just a matter of time management and choosing happiness over anything else.

What about you? How do you spend time with yourself?

All the best,

Thank you!


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