My husband won’t let me drink tea!

I am writing this after I had a lil argument with my husband about drinking tea once I get home, this was after my shift.
I told him that I need to do something (blog related) and I don’t wanna sleep just yet.



He refused.

At first I get mad. How come I’d still be controlled in drinking my tea or not? Why, am a baby that can’t decide on my own?

While I am angrily mind-ranting, God spoke to me,

“Thank him for his kindness”

Kindness? He’s not kind at all! But honestly, I don’t feel mad or irritated after all.

I replied to him, “Thanks bebe…”

As if a sudden change of heart, I came to realize how blessed I am for having him, for taking care of me and for loving me.

1.   He doesn’t want me to drink my tea after shift because he’s worried that I lack sleep for my work next day
2. Even though I sleep 8-9 hours straight, he won’t wake me up and he’ll do my chores and attend to my kids
3. Even annoyed with Yobbie’s crying at night, he’d still get up to stop the baby from crying
4. Early in the morning, even if he’s still sleepy, once Lance (our eldest son) calls out “Mommy! Mammmmee!”, he will tell him I am still sleeping and he’ll play with him
5. That he’d still say I am pretty and sexy even after a long day, even with those dark eye lids, oily face and that tired look.

Over a cup of tea (that I was not allowed to have), I came to realize how lucky I am for having such a KIND husband.

Is there any (little) argument or situation that have you realize the beauty of marriage? Let’s talk about it 🙂


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