Jollibee kids… Forever!

What do you do during weekends?

Our family enjoys the complete cast and make weekends our family time!

Last weekend, lil Mr. Suycano #1 went hone and so we decided to give him a treat. After he’s been hospitalized last March, we’re not able to treat him to his favorite – at Jollibee!

We’re thankful that Jollibee’s all over and there’s one near us. You could imagine how excited our lil men were!

Lil Mr. Suycano exclaims  “waaaaaw! Jabee, kain na!” And we went in all laughing.

We ordered the classics : ChickenJoy + creamy macaroni soup for Daddy & lil Mr. Suycano #1, mashed potato for lil Mr. Suycano #2 and big burger steak for me. Sorry we weren’t able to take pics on them, after praying, “kainan na!”





Aside from their langhap-sarap foods, what I love about Jollibee are the stories behind- dito kung saan bida ang saya!

Even before we have kids, me and my husband love Jollibee. Remember that food is our love-linker?

Oh well, we are Jollibee kids forever! Di naman halata, diba? 😀




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