Bulalo + Tawilis Party @ Tagaytay

I guess it’s beautiful to share what caused my sleepless weekend?

We’ve been to Tagaytay, me and my teammates to have a bulalo+tawilis party for our beatiful TL. She’s having a week long birthday celebration, papahuli ba kami? 🙂

I can no longer remember when’s the last time I’ve been to Tagaytay, you could imagine how excited I was! Haha!

Here are some pictures from the place.


They are the stars of the night! One comment though, the fried tawilis wasn’t crunchy but still delicious!



This is their set up inside, we have no pictures of the kubos outside because it’s dark…


This is Kate, Me and Mommy Claude while getting coffee 🙂


This is the team : IM-Possible, pretty people!



And of course, the beautiful birthday celebrator, Mommy Claude with her late-night-find-custard cake! 🙂

They also sell pasalubongs:




That delicious buko pie is worth 195.00, and my husband loved it! One of my teammates bought mix sweets : tarts, polvorons, etc. For 165.00.

That sweet night was ended joyfully! This is just one of the amazing perks of being a working mom!

Thanks, Diner’s! Your bulalo’s awesome!


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