Choco-Strawberry Pancakes using Maya

We believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In our family, it’s also the sweetest! Since I am a working mom, breakfast is the time of the day that we get to bond – eat, talk, giggle, just enjoying the morning as our day starts…

My lil Mr. Suycano #1 loves sweets and love pancakes!

So I prepared for them a simple recipe that I knew both hubby and lil man will enjoy : Choco-Banana Pancakes using Maya’s Hotcake mix mixed with strawberry jam and chocolate candies melted in a hot water bath 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need:
Maya’s Hotcake mix (200 g)
1 medium size egg
1/2 cup water

Strawberry jam
Or any toppings or additional flavors you’d like

How you’ll do it:
Prepare the batter – combine the hotcake mix, egg and water.

Whisk until batter is creamy.

Next, heat the frying pan on medium heat, brush it with melted butter.

Pour the batter on the pan using a small ladle.

Cook both sides until nicely golden brown.

Serve your hotcake with your favorite jam and syrup.

*What I did was, I combined the strawberry jam and chocolate into the batter, so we’ll have equal portions of sweetness. Hahaha! Then we’ve topped it with ice cream. Yum! (Though it looked like patties! Hahaha)

Lil Mr. Suycano #1 loves it and was able to eat 3 circles! Lovely!




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