Sunday Highlights #7

Hello friends! Thanks for being here and for reading all my dramas! Hahaha.
My week went on to be a productive one, I am so, so busy, tired but exhilarated!

1.   The really, really highlight of the week! I can’t get over with my first photography workshop! I have learned and enjoyed a lot! The only lowlight is that I don’t have my own camera… Anyway, I am still positive and I’m gonna be waiting for what God has in for me. Oh well, I am grateful with my phone for being so loyal to me 😀 Please read my post about this here

2. I’ve got free tickets from nuffnang for the event called : Fashion with Compassion, read about it here. But, no I was not able to go. 😥

3. I’ve got new followers, new likes and new comments for my most recent posts! Thank you, thank you!!! I am really surprised that my Choco-Strawberry Pancakes would hit a couple of bloggers! 🙂

4. We’ve had an inquiry about our OLX ad! Please visit my husband’s blog as well, it’s still a work in progress but it looks neat, I actually loved it more than mine!

5. I am so ready for my stepUp challenge : Be healthy and help the hungry! Will be posting about it tomorrow. I’m kinda sleepy! Haha

6. I got a message from my favorite mommy blogger, Frances Sales! I got so *kilig* though she messaged me to inform me that I didn’t win her giveaway (sigh). Anyway, she’s  so sweet for messaging me and even sweeter for being concerned about my kids. The promo is Belo Baby giveaway and she thought that since my bebes have sensitive skin, Belo might cause them allergies. Thank you! Please visit her site at

7. I have seen a secret note of a prayer request from my husband dated April 6. (Yeah, he’s like that, he’ll write sweet stuff then hide ’em!) He might not be comfortable in discussing it, so Bebe I won’t spill the bean! But, really… Thank you! I was so touched! I love you!

8. I no longer know what to do. We are always on a tight budget, I am always looking for something that can help us financially but still no sign of any side jobs. (Haaay!) But God is faithful for not leaving us alone. I would always trust my Lord and will always rely on Him. Remember that I am Mommy Grace and that His grace is sufficient? Oh well, my name’s lovely, right?

9. Mrs. Bo also replied to my comment and though it’s simple, it’s heart-warming! She reminds me that God is always there for me 🙂 You’re always an inspiration, Mrs. Bo! Drop by her site and be inspired, too!

10. After giving birth, I am so much insecure about how my body has changed.a lot. I felt so fat, ugly and damaged! But … Whenever I stare at my kids… My heart melts, I feel very very special and beautiful. I have never loved like this and I have never felt love like the way they genuinely love me! Oh, I am very grateful for my kids. Though they are untimely and unplanned, they are never accident, they will always be my most precious!

Time to say good night now. My bebes are sleeping now, relaxed and peaceful. Lovely in sight. They always take my breath away.

Thanks be to the Most High.



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