What’s our ulam for today?

Maybe I’ll start this series (maybe not, depends on the mood, let’s admit it, it’s not everyday that we’ll be in the mood to cook, right? Haha).

I love cooking for my family. Not because I am the mom and I am suppose to be doing that, but because that’s one way to serve them using my limited time at home.

Today, I felt I have to give my hubby a special treat because I have been very irritated and masungit to him this past few days (red days, you know).

So, I decided to give his favorite adobo a different twist.

Trivia: when we were living with my parents, my mom calls hubby “adobo man” because whenever we’ll ask him what will be our ulam for the day, he’ll always (yes always, no exaggeration) answer “ADOBO”. Fried Chicken and Chicken Adobo are his comfort food.
Another thing, he doesn’t want his adobo dry, he wants it flooding with sauce or literally “masabaw”.

Whenever I’m in my red days, I crave for a specific food or taste, and just today, I feel like I wanted something sweet and a lil spicy. And since I’ve tasted my friend’s sweet & spicy adobo the other day, I feel like copying the recipe, haha! But her adobo was dry, that’s what most of us prefer right? Well, my husband will get mad if I cook it that way, so here it is
“Sweet & Spicy Adobo (using UFC Sweet Chili Sauce) the saucy version”


What you’ll need:
1/2 kl chicken
1 medium onion
Garlic/garlic powder
Dried Bay leaf (Laurel)
Soy sauce/Vinegar

Spices – I used the 5 spices
UFC Sweet Chili Sauce

*I no longer use MSG

Here’s how you do it:
(This is Adobong Tagalog, no sauteeing)

1.   In a pan, cook the chicken on low heat, putting a lil water so it won’t stick ( because I use stainless pan)
2. Put salt and pepper to taste, add the dried bay leaf, garlic and onion. Cover it. (Again, on low heat)
3. Once chicken is tender, put in soy sauce and vinegar. Simmer.
4. Once the sauce covers the chicken, add the UFC sweet chili sauce. Simmer for a couple of minutes. What I love about UFC’s sweet chili sauce is its balanced taste, the sweetness and a lil kick of chili is just perfect!
5. Enjoy!


*I have already separated my kids’ ulam before adding UFC sweet chili sauce. 😉

Gotta go, I’ll prepare for work!

Care to share your recipes, too? I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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