Sunday Highlights #8

Hello friends! This was supposed to be posted yesterday. Even if it’s already Monday, I’d still post this as my Sunday Highlights.

1. Got my own domain! Yey! Please visit Don’t forget the triple “w”.

2. Since I was not able to import my content from here, I’ve decided I’ll keep this blog. So I’ll be changing this from Graceful Musings to plainly Grateful Mom. This is where I’m gonna be putting all things that I am thankful for. All other topics/posts will be posted in my main blog. Please support me. Hahaha

3. We celebrated 118th year of freedom in the Philippines!

4. I’ve been accepted to different blog communities and I’m no. 270 at Top Blogs Philippines. Not bad for a beginner, huh? 🙂

5. I have finished my firstborn’s activity box and I finally was able to bake calamansi muffin ala boracay! (Please read my posts about them at my main site)

Maybe that’s all for this week. Expect more posts from the Grateful Mom 🙂



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