Sunday Highlights #9

Hello friends! I missed this platform, ‘cos you know I am mostly posting my blogs on my main site. But I told you this blog won’t die if I can afford I’ll make this my dot com blog, too.

So here’s for my regular Sunday Highlights that are mostly posted on early Monday mornings. Forgive me, I’m a mom you know (hahaha) and I just sent my sickly baby to bed. Please pray for him, he has fever 😦

1. Started praying for my project I call “From baby dress to wedding dress” that aims to reach moms or couples who are a) not yet married, b) not yet READY to get married or those who c) does not want to get married and help them realize what real and staying married means (and what God has in store for them). If all goes well, I am hoping to have this launch with my partners *soon*. Help us pray.

2. I am thirsty and hungry for God’s Word! This is a good sign for me. I’ll be very honest, I am a stagnant believer. My life nowadays is somewhat gloomy because I am away and my relationship with the Father is somewhat cold. I am looking for a mom/woman that has a schedule that would fit mine. Because, we all need that “someone” to guide and pray for us, right?

3. I am grateful that my husband stays positive even in the middle of a storm in our life. I thank God for giving him strength and courage. Happy father’s day, Leo. I have a letter for him, read it here.

4. I have applied for an external job opening in our company, I’m done with the initial writing assessment. If it’s God will that I stay here, I will trust His plans. 😉

5. I am touched by few people who are commending my blogs. It is inspiring that I am inspiring you one way or another. Thank you so much!!!

6. My husband’s blog is also getting a positive feedback! Although we (yes, it’s still Mommy Grace who manages it, so I technically have 3 blogs over my shoulder, and I am thankful) get to update it on a weekly basis only, I thank those people who are supporting us!

7. I thank the Lord for giving me a different way of facing everyday challenges. May it be at home or in the office. I am praying that He creates a courageous woman in me so that He will be glorified!

8. Biggest loser challenge! I guess it’s time to lose weight and be healthy, eh? Who’s up for the challenge? 🙂

9. A lot of opportunities are knocking! Praying that God gives me a clear mind to decide base on what He wants for me.

10. A very simple father’s day date for hubby. Read it here.

Oh well, thank you for dropping by! I really appreciate you’re joining me in my weekly highlights. Kisses from my family to yours, God bless!



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