Walk Through The Rain

Life’s been giving me a really hard time nowadays. I am not able to share my thoughts here for a month now, I’ve been busy forcing life to take me where I want to be but I realized destiny would always interfere if it’s really not meant to be.

When it rain, it pours. I always believe in this saying. It has been loyal to me especially as problems arise. When they come, they come big time!

But really, how can we walk through the rain (of life)?

1. Do not lose focus.

Even it’s raining and water covers your eyes, do not be distracted. If life plays its game, play with it. Bear in mind that you will not be tested beyond your capacity. So lift your head and continue walking!
2. Allow yourself to get wet.

Walking through the rain, even if you have an umbrella to protect you, wouldn’t be a guarantee that you’d stay dry all throughout, so allow yourself to get wet. You’ll get annoyed, I know. Especially if you’re wearing your favorite white dress.

Allow yourself to get cold, it only means you are accepting the fact that nothing or no one can ever protect you from all life’s surprises. But this shall pass. And even if you get wet and your dress becomes dirty, in the end you can say “I’ve made it through the rain!”

3. Walk to where you’re going.

Rain shouldn’t stop you but it should challenge you. Any problem shouldn’t make you a quitter, instead it should redeem your faith.

Remember that God promised to give us a rainbow after every rain? He is faithful and you can rely on Him. Were you not able to see Him walk with you through the rain?

So chin up and smile, there’s still hope ๐Ÿ™‚

Walk through it and succeed!

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