Note to Self : Do not worry

Tonight, my mind is empty and I can’t think of any senseful thing to share. But my heart is full and I need a place to let go of these unnecessary emotions — or shall I say, worries.

Think happy. Be happy.

This is my favorite motto nowadays. Even how hard life gets, I’d still try to smile and look at the bright side of life.

But let us admit it, whenever we are alone, we can’t help ourselves to dig in the deepest part of our hearts. That darkest place where we put all baggages while we try to keep going.

It is hard, in fact VERY HARD. To live a life with nothing but a mind that trusts and a heart that’s still hoping.

A trust that lets me remind myself that these shall pass and a hope that lets me believe there is something waiting for us in the end of this journey.

Tonight, I think of how we can survive the two weeks before the next pay day.

I always say, “Money can’t control my life”. But hey, it is twisting me up and down and it’s really playing its game on me! Me and my husband can resist the hunger or the empty-pocket, but my babies can’t and SHOULD NOT!

Sometimes I wanna cry… But I won’t. This is the best time to trust God and praise Him.

I have been crafting something recently. I have high hopes of becoming a stay at home mom, but no I won’t stop working. I just want to be at home and serve my family (and work from home).

I don’t know what’ll happen tomorrow or if we can buy milk or diaper or gas (gas for cooking, we don’t have a car hehe) and food. I don’t know if God will answer my prayers or if He will tell me to wait.

Anyhow, I am sure that we will still live. Because He will never leave us nor forsake us.

My eyes are tired, I have to say goodnight. 🙂


Matt. 6:34

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