Change Direction

Deuteronomy 2:2-3 (NIV) “Then the LORD said to me, ‘You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north.’”

I have been reading the Bible Reading Plan of book of Deuteronomy at First 5 App. And today, the message says “go north”.

Sometimes in our life, we make mistakes. Small mistakes and big mistakes that’ll change our lives forever.

As for me, I have learned that mess can be beautiful or it could be dangerous.

We all have messes in our lives. My biggest mess ( so far ) was the time that I got pregnant before marriage. That was a mess in a way that it was not planned and expected, but eventually, it turned out to be the most beautiful thing that had happened in my life. Truly a beautiful mess!

When I am reading the passage, the clear message I’ve had was this stage in our life. This moment is really full of mess and worries and it is really tough.

We’re moving house soon without the resources we need. My youngest baby’s turning one in November and we can’t throw that ‘we have planned for this’ birthday party. Because, we just can’t.

But you know what my friends, this moment has taught us, me most specially that everything’s going to be okay. And if it’s not okay yet, it means it’s not the end.

Now God has seen us struggling. He has seen all our sacrifices and efforts. He has seen us fail and make mistakes. And finally, He’s seeing us through our refinement.

He is waiting for us…

God is redirecting us. He is giving us a chance to change our current direction and go somewhere He’s leading us to.

He is very much willing to help us. The question is,

Are we ready to change path? Are we gonna choose to leave ‘this’ mess, start over and be refined?

Remember my friends, life is half chances, half choices.



It’s time for our messes to stop defining us.
It’s time to embrace the refining process and turn north.

Now the question is how?

1. Refine our thoughts.

2. Learn from God’s Word

3. Change the way we live.

And take it from there. Changing directions can be very tough. But the reward is superb!

I don’t know to you, but today I’ll make my messes refine me so I could find hope (in Him).


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