Why I am holding on to this marriage

They say love is not a feeling but a commitment. Just when I thought love has find its way to my heart when I met my husband, I was wrong. I have fully understand that love’s showing its real meaning when you feel it’s fading away. When those “kilig” are gone and intimacy is no longer your top priority.

We had our biggest fight that almost send our family to brokenness. Thank God we both are still holding on.

After the pain and disappointments, revelation of bad habits and the opposite minds, we realized that life won’t adjust to our shortcomings and irresponsible acts. That our kids are looking up on us for guidance, so we have no excuse but to be better and to keep each other no matter what.

Because that’s our vow.

1. I am holding on to this marriage and officially accepting that I am also married to Cabal, LOL and Garena. Sounds unfamiliar? Well, I marry a man who loves online games and won’t live without it. Yes, even after having kids.

Immature? Well maybe. I think the same way before. But like him, we all have those addictions in life that we treasure dearly not thinking that someone might be annoyed, but we continue doing them because those make us happy. As for me, my escapes are reading and blogging and sleeping!

2. I am holding on to this marriage because from the beginning I’ve wanted this. If not, will I endure this far? Marriage is a bittersweet agreement. It comes with tests that would hope you quit. It is your choice to give in or to keep moving forward.

3. I am holding on to this marriage because we are imperfect. But God has entrusted us to build this family and I don’t want to break His heart. We can overcome this!

4. I am holding on to this marriage because God is not done yet. All the frustrations and failures happened to sharpen us and keep us closer to Him. I know that He is not done with us because it’s not done (or not okay) yet.

5. I am holding on to this marriage because we are not done yet. We are actually in the beginning and we still have a long road to venture on.

6. I am holding on to this marriage because I love him and I know that he loves me, too! We are both in love to our kids and would work hard to give them the best in this life. Given all the arguments we’ll continuously have, it would still be “me and him”.




photo from familyshare.com



Sometimes I cry at night thinking I am alone in this life, that sometimes it feels as if he doesn’t care and he only thinks about himself. But the truth is, I am the one being insensitive.

I’m wanting a man that would perfectly fit my personality. I want a man that would give me freedom and easy life. I want a man that will carry me all through out.

I realized, I don’t need that kind of man.

I need our marriage to work. I need not to face the problems alone. I don’t need to change my man. WE need to change our hearts and grow deeper in the love we have for each other.

What I we actually need is for US to walk this life together, hand in hand, with all our differences and to smile to each other saying “We will hold onto forever!”
Is your marriage getting rusty? Hold on! Better days are yet to come…


Care to share why you’re holding on to your marriage?


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