Sunday Highlights #11

​It’s 12:08 AM here and my eyes don’t feel sleepy pa. Body clock problems, perks of having a mid-semi-graveyard-shift. Anyway, I just wanna say goodbye to weekend by my “thank you logs” and realize “it’s a happy life after all!”

1. Our internet connection back again! After 2 weeks of no connection, I’ve got pending posts for my main blog and my kids missed Peppa Pig so much! Thank you, Globe for fast service!

2. I didn’t win the Oppo F1s blog contest. I joined hoping to get a unit but God didn’t want me to have it. But my brother offered his old Samsung Galaxy S3 (technically a “third-hand” phone). I get it for just one factor : it has better camera! I love how it can shoot sharp photos even in dim light. The downside? You can’t be so productive with this phone. It always freezes, lagging and the battery drains really fast! I’m still positive though, one answered prayer at a time. I prayed for a new picture-buddy, it was given to me together with a test of being patient! Haha 🙂

3. I have already paid fees for our townhouse, just waiting for the approval of my PDCs. It’s very hard to get a checking account here in the Philippines, specially if you don’t have savings account.

4. I am grateful to have found a friend who has a different way of worship but we have the same faith. Through her, I am encouraged to read the Bible again. Praying for a consistent quiet times!

5. She also gave my kids the Lion Storyteller Bible Stories! I have been wanting to buy my kids this kind of books, thank you!

The book & the samsung s3 🙂

6. That same friend, okay her name is Madz, has shared a lot to me. From her pre-loved clothes, food, old phone accessories because she, too is a Samsung user, and clothes and toys for my kids. Aside from material gifts, I am very much grateful for all the things, stories, plans and friendly corrections. Our friendship has bloomed so fast because we have a lot in common. #friendshipforkeeps

7. I don’t know where our money has gone to but I am thankful that God is always there for us. I won’t lose hope, His grace is sufficient.

8. Little by little, I can check all my To-Do list box! There are still a lot to finish but I have done a few, good job Mommy Grace!

9. At last, I’ve posted my Tupperware Brands review! Read it here.

And… I have finished this post’s draft at 12:46am. 🙂 pretty easy? It’s not hard to count your blessings!

10. And lastly, I am thankful that I have learned not to dwell to anything that won’t make me grow. Like the feeling of being judged, complaining, and thinking that I am alone in this journey. While surrendering won’t be the perfect word, Mommy Grace won’t let anyone pull her down. I will be right on track and I’ll let God take the wheel!


Mi loves, what are you thankful for this week?



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