Sunday Highlights #12

It’s been 3 weeks since my last Sunday Highlights. I am disappointed of myself as a blogger for not updating my blogs, for not sharing things or life experiences I thought my readers could benefit from or at least relate from.

I’m not into blogging sabbatical of any sort, it’s just that my Samsung S3 can’t pace me with my “tasks”.

Anyhow, mi loves, how’s November so far? I hope that it’s not giving you a hard time but if it is, chill, we’ll get through this. 🙂

Here’s my list now:

1. Happy Anniversary to me and WordPress! Today marks my 1st year blogging in this platform and I am so much thankful to where Grace&Beyond is now. Imagine from “Mommy Grace” to “Graceful Musings”, “Grateful Mommy”, came “Grace&Beyond”! I am so happy for not letting go of this blog after having my own domain @ I have met few friends here, learned alot about blogging and I have never felt comfortable sharing things as much as I do here. My goal next year is to have Grace&Beyond’s own domain and have only one blog so it’ll be easier to manage. 🙂

For now, won’t you congratulate me? Hehehe. I’d like to thank you all for being there, YOU… Rock my world!


2. My first blogging award nomination for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award.


Thanks to the Nocturnal Mom, Mommy Meg! This means a lot to me, achievement unlocked, milestone! Simple happiness of a newbie blogger! I’ll talk about it tomorrow in a different post. 😀

3. I received an email for a sponsor post opportunity for Graceful Musings! I never expect such opportunity so I’m happy and nervous! But you know what, mi loves, this makes me think that I am somehow a valuable blogger! Yey!  And this wouldn’t be possible without your support and love 🙂

4. My FB page and IG followers have increased by 90% for the last 30 days! I am really grateful for these achievements!

5. I am trying to keep my sanity because life is really tough and crazy! I’ve never been stressed as much as I am now. Our lil nest in Laguna will soon be occupied, but up ’til now my checking account’s not up yet. 😥 But I am positive that we will be moving by the end of this month!

Financially speaking, my family is at the peak of this crisis! Yet I am thankful that God is not leaving us though we have been really unfaithful to Him nowadays.

Health check, my firstborn’s fever is on and off and he is again having problems with his urine! His body weight has not decreased but he also did not gain much. From 12kl last March, he’s at 12.6 kl now. 😥 Times like this makes me wanna quit working and just stay at home, but that will be impractical.

I need your prayers, mi loves! 🙂

6. I get to dettached from social media to spend more time with my kids. Plus, being away from the world wide web gives me a break from some sort of negative vibes from other people’s walls. It also decreases my “social media stress” in a way.

7. Yobbie’s big day is around the corner and like what I’ve told you before, it’ll be a simple, intimate and modest celebration for him. Bawi na lang kami next time baby! But Mommy has created a (printed) chalkboard layout for you lil star!


8. Vita Cubes goodies! Read about me and Kuya Lance’s fun experience here.

9. My kids doesn’t want the Podee feeding bottles so I gave it away to my best friend’s baby who feeds a lot but sadly, my friend can’t breastfeed him because there ain’t no milk coming out, not even a single drop! I’ll share her story within this week. 🙂

10. Lastly, Mommy Grace is still grateful even though I am carrying a load of s**t!

Life wouldn’t make it easy for you, because it is unfair. But friends, it’s still up to you if you’d stay in the middle of life’s crazy tests and give up or you’ll still smile and move forward.



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