On New Beginning : To totally re-start or to continue?


New year’s just around the corner and I bet you all have that list of resolutions, highlights and low lights of 2016, right?

As for my family, the new year has started earlier when we moved in to our own house. It was one great start and we have high hopes for a better future — because y’know, new house means new beginning.

Despite all the surprises that had us going crazy, 2016 is a wonderful year. But of course, there are those moments that you no longer want to go back to.

On the first Monday going to work, I was excited and I feel like having an adventure. What I thought to be a fun travel experience turned out to be an awful one!

I allotted 2 hours of travel time just so I won’t be late to work. And that’ll do with or without heavy traffic. But it was a really stressful ride, I stand in the bus for almost 1 and a half hour because the bus was full and I can’t wait for the next trip anymore! IT.WAS.TIRING.

After my 9-hour shift, just when I thought I could go home and rest, my way going home was more stressful! When I came to the terminal at 1:30 am, I was informed that the next trip will be at 4 am, like really?!

It was one hell of a start and I don’t know if I can bear it on a daily basis.

I have to sacrifice my time away from my kids, sleep hours and travel time and more expensive fare just to stay in my precious job. I have been here for almost 5 years and over time it has been my family’s bread and butter.

The benefits my family is getting here secure us like no other. The job I am into never gives me a bad day because it’s a light job + all the jolly people I’m with. This is already a home.

Do I have to choose between my career and totally starting anew?

Shall I step out of this job and be a better mom my kids could embrace for a longer time everyday?


Shall I keep this job, sustain our expenses and be satisfied with 4-hour sleep everyday?


What do you think? I’d like your honest thoughts on this, Because moms (and non-moms),I am going crazy! Kidding! But I need wisdom and please be with me in prayers as I try to unlock what God’s planning for us here.

No matter what, I am focusing my eyes on Jesus. He didn’t promise to give us a very easy life but He promised to never leave us. All these shall pass and over time, we shall overcome and succeed to give glory to the One who sent us here!

Until now, I am undecided to whether work anywhere nearby and simplify our life or stay here and continue to become better.

Rather than focusing on the hard times, I am looking forward to what God has for us in 2017.

Thank you, mi loves for being with me, reading my dramas and my honest-life-stories! I appreciate it! This blog(s) together with all people who has been with me has played a big chunk in my life. If not for you who believe in me, I won’t be here and Grace&Beyond might have been deleted together with Graceful Musings.





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