2017: Do not Fear

2016’s about to end and this is the moment to look back and look ahead. The perfect time to start writing on our journals and bulleting our action plans to achieve our goals for the next year.

The way we look on how we have live our lives in 2016 determines how we’ll continue in 2017. I said this before, “Change won’t happen from 11:59PM to 12:00AM (2017)” We are going to live that same life, but we have a choice to live it in the same way or to start living differently.

I have experienced a tough year, so looking back makes me wonder how will I have a new year.

Closing the year gives me a reflection of who I have been and gives me a hope to continue striving for a better life.

As debts and problems won’t go away after the change of year, it fears me thinking I’d still face the same consequences, same trials and challenges. I honestly want this year to end, as in literally wave goodbye. But life isn’t like that. It is a series, a sequel that continues no matter what our current situation is.

Last night, I was in the midst of crying my heart to the Lord. I am afraid if I can still continue, afraid because we lack resources to live a comfortable life. I am afraid of  anything any other things life will throw on my face.

I am afraid to continue. I am afraid that it’ll be the same (tough year).



photo credit: Pexel


We just moved in our own house and we are all still adjusting. One morning, we went out to buy food and the kids’ diapers. Lance, my firstborn, seems confident walking ahead of us.

My husband asked him if he’s not afraid because he’s at an unfamiliar place. Lance only smiled to us, went to me, held my hands and happily continued walking.

This gesture makes me realize that my son is confident walking and exploring his new place as long as he’s with us. His confidence comes from believing that we will not leave him.

Sweet, right?

He is not afraid to be in this new place, away from lolo and lola, away from the place he used to live, away from the roads he’s much familiar with.

The only thing he’s afraid of is walking without us.

He is confident to live a new life because he knows we are here for him and that we’ll walk together, no matter what. This should be the case, right?

We should not fear to start new year even if we are loaded with problems, even if we are unfamiliar of what’s happening and unclear to what will happen in the future because there is a God that promised to never leave nor forsake us, and He keeps His promises!

He is faithful, we do not have to fear 2017.

However your year turned out to be, whether it has been good, bad or a mixture, remember that God will give you a fresh new start. Let us all be confident to have a better, happier and more fruitful new year with Jesus!

So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand

Isaiah 41:10





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