More Quiet Time Means a Better 2017!

I was a distressed, worried and doubted mommy on the year that was. I never had a peaceful moment, my mind was full of problems and I don’t know what to think and what to do. Have you had your lowest moment? Mine happened in 2016.

The beginning of 2016 was a very tough one. My whole family got sick and I consumed all my leave credits as early as February. When I say all, none was left for me for the whole year! That event had my faith tested, and I never thought I was as strong as I was back then.

During Lance’s confinement, one day, I was left alone with my sleeping son because my husband needs to ask for food in his workplace. We literally have nothing in our pockets. Thanks to my job for covering my kids’ health cards, we need not to worry about hospital bills.

What does this event have to do with my quiet time?


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Back then, I though I’d gave up. I don’t want to continue. I almost quit my job. I almost left my precious family. I was so worried I just want to disappear. Fast forward to the day we were finally sent home, all I could utter was  “Thank you, Lord!”. Then I just cried.

My husband then agreed to draw closer to Him. We planned to attend church regularly, pray together before going to bed, have devotions everyday and create a Christ-centered family.

The challenge? We aren’t consistent. First three months was superb! We were very passionate. Fire burns within our hearts and we feel so strong! Come the fourth month and the fire suddenly weakens and we forgot to pray, we didn’t go to church with an excuse of lack of money to spend for tithes and fare back and forth. We then argue and fight. We shout at each other and we almost ended to be a broken family.

And we no longer want to go back to that miserable moment. And I personally, don’t want to make that same mistake again.

So, for 2017, my one word will be: FOCUS.

  1. I want to will focus on bettering myself, as a mom, a wife, an employee, a blogger and a daughter of the King. I want to live an intentional life and live according to my purpose. As simple as it may seem, I want a lighter life, away from too much worrying and doubt. I will completely trust God’s plans and try (because I can’t promise) to surrender all to Him.
  2. I will focus on creating more fun moments with the kids. Will lessen the dramas and will lessen being mean and harsh whenever they did something wrong. I will try to talk to them firmly minus the rudeness. Since I am working far from home, I am spending 9 hours in the office + extra 4 hours travelling. I’d like to focus on creating harmonious relationship with my boys.
  3. I will focus on looking and hoping for the best in my marriage. I will make sure to have extra pillow talk with hubby even work + long hour travel is tiring. I will embrace all our differences and will commit to lessen the “nagging character” in me. I will say “I do” again and refresh our vow.I do promise a love that’s true, that even if I disappoint him in some of my decisions and actions, I will never let him down.
  4. I will focus on creating inspirational space in the world wide web and in creating meaningful contents that will be beneficial to my readers. This year, I am planning to create my own eBook and I am crossing my fingers that in July, I can launch it! Let’s hope for the best, di  ba?

And for me to be able to achieve these goals, (5.) I will focus on drawing closer to my Father, my Creator – my beautiful and faithful God.

That no matter how busy life gets, I will seek Him first and I will focus my eyes unto Him. These year is a come-back!




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