Hi! I am Grace



Hi! This might be a boring part for you. So let’s keep it short and silly? Just kidding…

My name is Grace. Known as Gracia, Gracie or Gara, but in the business world and in FB I am Mary ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Full name’s Mary Grace Sanchez-Suycano, born on January 18, 1992. I am currently living in Taguig City and will soon be moving to Laguna, to our own house.

I was not able to finish a 4-year course, but I am a graduate of Associate in Arts Major in Hotel & Restaurant Operations, at the University of Makati. I took up one semester in Marketing and was not able to finish because…


on April 25, 2013 we were surprised by the news that we were going to be parents! God called me to become a mom to this cute little boy who we named Lance Quay S. Suycano and was born on December 08, 2013.


Then after two years of learning the curves of parenthood, God surprised us with another gift!


So we have decided to (finally) tie that knot! It was on August 30, 2015, when I marry the man of my life, Leozzar Uhylie Suycano.

Life may be rocky at times, but I am grateful that God gave me Leo for me to have and to hold! (cheesy!!!)


And on November 13, 2015, another wonderful creation has been handed to us, we welcomed Marcuz Yobbie S. Suycano in our lives!


Our current situation have me working while my husband stays at home. I am proud to be working for my family. It is a blessing that God is using me to provide for my family’s need. I am very proud of my husband, for beingย a hands-on-daddy, a great co-parent and for leaving the workplace to take care of the kids. Our story may be untimely and unplanned, but His masterpiece within us is not yet completed. WE are a work in progress — this blog will be our witness ๐Ÿ™‚


Fun Facts

  • I am claustrophobic (so much!)
  • I am a cotton buds addict
  • I am a coffee and chocolate lover
  • I love corn, I can eat just corn for a week
  • I love to buy cute notebooks and journals and write nothing on them
  • I tried to bake and my specialty is pudding, haha! Well hubby calls ’em all pudding even if they’re supposed to be cupcakes…

More about me

  • I always wanted to be a writer
  • I am a marketing & sales partner at W Enterprise
  • I am interested in collaborative activities, may it be for event coordination, writing or blogging, arts and education
  • I love reading and blogging…
  • It has been my dream to travel in different places (God, soon please!)

Above all, I am a sinner saved by the unconditional love of Jesus… It was on September 16, 2006 that I said yes and entered into an intimate relationship with God. The beginning of my venture was really tough. My parents won’t accept “it”. But I continued. As it was written, I live by faith and not by sight. During the first year of my journey, I grew in the field. No church. Evangelizing at the park, mentored by my college bff. Then the stories at that park enlarged and from thereย I met “them”, my hubby and his church mates and finally my mentor.

Up until now, I would always be grateful that my eyes were opened. The fact that we are aliens from this world makes me worry about nothing.


These all shall pass. God promised to never leave us nor forsake us. And I trust Him, we do.


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