My Family


Becoming a mom has given me happiness and purpose. When I was a teen, I was a happy-go-lucky. I was stubborn as my mom would say. I decide for myself not really thinking about anyone. Now that I am a mom, I have learned to pray more, decide in a slow manner, asking God and my husband first, thinking of the outcomes and thinking about the kids.

We started in a, let’s say, wrong pattern.From baby dress to wedding dress. So we faced a disappointed family, judgmental world and still, a loving and merciful God.

But that doesn’t discourage us – in fact, we are trying to enjoy every bits of it!

I am loving this life because of this amazing man with me. That although imperfect and sometimes impatient, never turned his back to me and the kids.

Name : Leozzar Uhlyie S. Suycano
Age : he is one year younger than me
Birthday : July 27
Hobbies : playing online games such as League of Legends, Guardian Hunter, he likes eating and sleeping with the kids (in the afternoon, before I go to work)
Job : currently a stay@home daddy

3 Things we love doing together:
1. Eating and watching DVDs
2. Daydreaming
3. And of course, parenting!

He loves adobo and his comfort food is fried chicken. He does not want being nagged and underestimated. He is usually quiet if he’s thinking, not in the mood or mad (at me).

I will always be grateful for him. He knows how to encourage me and he loves the kids! Above all, he has a personal relationship with God 🙂

After 3 years of having that girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, we were given the greatest surprise that totally changed our lives forever – we became parents!




Name : Lance Quay S. Suycano
Age : Toddler, a naughty one
Birthday : December 8
Likes : he likes airplanes so much!
He loves playing outside, eating ice cream and watching teletubbies 🙂
Dislikes : does not want to be wet, won’t eat sticky or mushy foods, hates marshmallows
*a curious toddler, he loves putting all my things outside my work bag, write on my journal and write on his skin and on our floor mat!




Name : Marcuz Yobbie S. Suycano
Age : newborn, on his half way
Birthday : November 13
*it was Friday the 13th and it was the day when bombing in Paris happened
Likes : he likes to poop after removing his diapers, he likes to smile, laugh, scream and cry out loud!
Dislikes : he doesn’t want to stay in bed for a long time…
*a sweet lil baby who loves playing with my hair!

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